Best Casino M88 – The Richochet Craps System

It is well-known that there isn’t a casino craps game that can break the bank. Some systems are better than others but smart gambling will give your best chance to make money. Let’s look at the best and most overlooked craps system. Due to its “unadvertised best”, this system is extremely underutilized. These are bets not listed on the table. This system also uses the “Don’t” side on the craps table, which isn’t very popular as you are betting against shooters.

Before you can implement Ricochet, you need to first chart the craps table. This means that you need to find a table that is “cold”, and then quickly scan the tables for shooters. You should not do this for tables that are “hot”. Knowing the trends is crucial when you play craps. It will help you make decisions about how and when you play as well as what you wager. After you have located a cold, alternate table with shooters, the Ricochet craps program can be used.

Let the shooter determine a point. You should not place any wagers until the shooter has established a point. Once the shooter has set points, you may place a Lay wager against the number. This type of bet cannot be advertised on the table. Dealers will be able to see what you mean. This bet may also be known as $41 no 4/10, $31 No 5/9, or $25 No 6/8, depending on the number that you’re placing. This bet requires that a 7 is placed before the number you are placing 안전놀이터. If you score a 7, you’ll win. If you don’t get the number that you laid, you will lose. 

This lay bet protects your next bet of $15 Don’t come. The Don’t Come can be described as the opposite of a Come. This means it will lose on a 7/11, win on 2 and 3, and push on 12 but will “move forward” on any other point. If your $15 Don’t Come bet moves behind any number, it acts like a lay bet. It is possible that a 7 will arrive earlier than the number behind you. These odds favor you, regardless of what number you have. To add extra protection to your $15 Don’t Come wager, you can place $1 on “Yo 11”.

After you successfully place a Lay bet using the $15 Don’t Come Bet, your Lay bet is settled. Tell the dealer to “Down on my Lay”, referring to whatever number you had placed. If the odds favor you, then you will be sitting behind a number and placing a $15 wager. Wait for a decision. The odds of winning are 1 in 2. Your odds of success are 3 to 2. If you are behind the 5 or 9, your chances increase to 3:2. If you are behind 6-8, your chances of success increase to 6-5.

The purpose of this system is to determine the best way to get the most out of the “Don’t”, as that is where you have the greatest chance to win. Your numbers should be safe so you are always able to win. The 7 on your initial Don’t Come/Don’t Pass bet is what makes the Don’t side problematic. As you can see, the system puts a “lay” wager on a number. While you are placing a bet with your don’t come bet, it establishes a number. This makes it so that the 7 doesn’t affect your $15 Don’t Com bet, and you don’t need to worry about repeating a number you laid once you’ve laid.

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