Online Betting Tips And Advice For Betfair Users

Is it possible to earn a full-time living using Betfair’s exchanges?

This is a question that you have to answer for yourself. Online betting involves more than just having an opinion about the outcome of any race. You must have a level head and not chase losses if you want to be successful in online betting.

The average punter should consider many factors before deciding whether a horse deserves any kind of investment 농구토토.

Because favourites win an average of 33% of all races, punters tend not to pay attention to this fact and often disregard certain points from past performance. The fact that the favorite to win is favored by everyone does not guarantee it will be a winner. The result is an overpriced favorite that’s no better than a donkey riding on Brighton beach. It’s not something I would recommend if you plan a day trip from Brighton.

Horse trainers can be very knowledgeable about the horses abilities and are capable of identifying any issues. They have to consider the handicapper’s expectations about how much extra weight they should carry if their horse wins a race. Ideal for trainers is to have all their horses win by at least one length, rather than more than 10+ lengths. This will make the job of the assessors much more difficult. A horse could win by more then 10 lengths, and may be subject to a 9lb penalty. However, the question remains: Was the horse truly that good or were they just outperforming their expectations?

A trainer will only place a highly regarded horse in a race for two pennies with one purpose. It is not there for the win. The sole purpose of the race is to reduce the handicap mark to allow it to enter a more lucrative race later on in the season. They know that their horse could win the PS20,000 race within 3 months if its handicap mark were 10lb lower than it is now.

How many times do you think the 5/4 favourite makes a sound investment as a punter? It has the right kind of ground to run on. It is enjoying its best trip. It ends up being lumped on it like all other sheep and your investment sinking faster than an Audley Henry comeback. But did you research which type of track it prefers. Is it more comfortable running right-handed or left-handed? Do you prefer a flat track for your horse or do you think it has done better on undulating tracks in the past? Are the horses in good condition? Is the horse performance up to handicap?

It is never easy to evaluate a favorite’s chance, unless you are privy enough to have inside information. Be aware of this. It is not an indication that the majority of people are doing the same as you.

Do your homework and be smart before you invest. You’ll win more than your average Saturday punter.