Playing Multiple Sports – Definition of a Well Rounded Athlete

After witnessing the London Olympics’ greatest athletes perform in a jaw-dropping two weeks, it is clear that the question remains: “How do they do it?” How much time and effort have they spent preparing for the lifetime achievement of becoming Olympians? You can be sure they started when they were young.

Many conversations began around our house as we watched these highly talented individuals set new records in the pool, track, and other venues at London games. This is why we believe that any Olympian or professional athlete must have been training in that particular sport since they could walk.

Variety for Sports

It is becoming increasingly common for kids to participate in travel leagues, have personal coaches, and spend so much time on one activity that we need to ask ourselves whether it makes sense to continue doing this or encourage them to do more.

This is also true in sports. Multiple sports are a great option for children, as coaches will attest to this. Youngsters will be energized by the variety of sports they can choose from. The child will look forward to playing other sports, and vice versa.

One example is that a child who plays baseball from April through August and then switches to football or soccer can give him an interest in both football and soccer.

They are passionate about baseball but they know that when baseball is over, it’s time to get into their fall sport. They look forward the transition, to the challenges, competition and new social dynamic that they will experience.

All of these factors contribute to players’ ability to develop as athletes and individuals. When it comes to making double plays next summer, the footwork that a basketball player has learned makes him a better infielder.

Learning mental lessons through multiple sports is a good thing.

Learn how to play against a larger, more difficult opponent in basketball to gain insight into your one-to-one tenacity and drive to win. You might not think this applies to every sport. Try again.

Diverse levels and types offer players multiple opportunities to master the art of working with others. These challenges give you the chance to utilize your talents and abilities in order to perform at your best 안전놀이터. It is also a great confidence booster. You will feel more confident when you are facing the challenge of blocking the opposing team’s best offensive lineman in football because you know you were able hit against a great pitcher in baseball. You believe in yourself and this will increase your self-worth.

Sport success is what breaks the chains that hold down performance.

It can also help one to be free of stress. This is why you’ll see so many stories about well-rounded athletes excelling in multiple sports and thriving in their professional and academic lives.

More and more children are choosing to focus on one sport instead of trying different sports, resulting in overuse injuries. Because overuse injuries are so common in earlier ages, there is a whole movement to end them. It is also known that multiple sports can reduce the likelihood of becoming obese in childhood.

Let’s move on. At the collegiate level, coaches are looking for competitiveness. They enjoy the competitiveness displayed by athletes who are involved in multiple sports. Many times, they will also see athletes who were captains in several sports. This demonstrates the leadership qualities of a player and helps to develop as a person. College coaches love this.

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