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Макияж для квадратной формы лица
Square shaped face: this shape has expressed broad cheekbones and a wide forehead. The chin is humble and looks a bit heavy. The purpose of correcting a square face: soften the sharp corners of the forehead and the heavy chin. To emphasize the eyes and lips, thus diverting attention from the angles of the face. Face: - Contouring can be done with a dark matte powder or a dark foundation - They must be applied vertically on the sides of the face, including cheekbones, thus...
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Как скрыть полноту лица при помощи макияжа
Properly selected make-up products may help you visually change the facial features. In order to look impressive not only at a party but also in everyday life without any help of plastic surgeons it is enough to know how to properly apply make-up. Left - the area of application of a color corresponding to your skin; Right - the area of application of a slightly darker shade than your skin This contouring can be of two types: using oily or dry products. Among the oily ones is a...
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Как скрыть прыщи при помощи макияжа
Nothing spoils the mood as a sudden appearance of a pimple. No, of course it could be worse, like several of them. This trouble on a face makes it difficult to feel ourselves confident and beautiful. Poor diet, stress, smoking, bad environment can all affect the appearance. It can happen to anyone. But what if the treatment has only started, and you need to look good right now?! Mask those flaws with make-up. A perfect skin tone can be achieved only with the help of right products. I want to...
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Рекламная кампания Florentino весна / лето 2013
Florentino ad campaign spring / summer 2013 Photographer Jordi Blancafort Stylist Abraham Gutierrez Models Maximiliano Patane и Adrien Allen