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01 December 2015 Lifestyle
LOUIS XIII 100 years. Вы этого никогда не увидите!
On the 18th of November we happened to be in Hollywood for one of the most intriguing events in our lives, but it all started very usual.   We are often invited to different events, interesting and and not so much, strange and sometimes funny, so we are a little doubtful about every other invitation. This one was from Hollywood from Remi Martin of LOUIS XIII brand to an event where everything about it is “top secret”. Only three people are representing Russia – us and editor-in-chief...
08 October 2015 Lifestyle
LOS ANGELES "PALMY SKY" PART 1 It may seem that LA is a nice tourist city with palm trees, but in reality it is one of the world’s largest cultural, economic, educational and scientific centers, where music, movie, TV and computer games industries are very well developed. As I’ve already told you in the previous part, I imagined LA simply between the sea and the mountains with the Hollywood sign. Basically, that is true, but the distance is quite big. Have you ever heard about “BEVERLY...
08 October 2015 Lifestyle
Our itinerary for August looked something like this: East Hampton - Los Angeles - New York.    It was stupid of me to visit Los Angeles only for five days, three of which we spent on photo shootings and business meetings, and the last two days we had were as interesting as watching a movie on rewind. So I will try to tell you how to visit the most interesting places in LA in the shortest possible time. I think there are hundreds of other articles and guides where you can...