Fisti Style

11 August 2014 Fisti Style
My #lookoftheday. As you can see sequins can be worn at daytime)) In 7 years of my stylist career I haven’t met any texture which could not be played with and could not be elegantly “promenaded”)) If you decide to “shine”, just remember that a lot of glitter at daytime is too much. One glittering detail or accessory in your look will be enough. The rest of the look items should be simple and without flashy accessories and of delicate colors. Remember this and you will be a queen! #...
06 August 2014 Fisti Style
Very often in my profession I hear phrases like “this is only for youngsters”, “I can’t afford wearing such things at my age” etc. Note, that these phrases come from women slightly after thirties… But nowadays fashion has no age. If you are a confident person and you are fit, there is no reason for labeling clothes “for 20”, “for 30”, “for 40” etc. Of course, I am not talking about tops with Mickey Mouse print made of doubtful fabric, which I would not even recommend for children!) I am talking...
28 July 2014 Fisti Style
I love my job and I like to mix prints. I can suggest a small but good tip for those who are very timid and who are beginners in this mixing science)) To be on the safe side, use one single-colored item, which will represent 60% or more of the total look. Thus you will try something new, and at the same time this safety trick will make you feel more comfortable and confident!  
02 July 2014 Fisti Style
Яна Фисти в Монако
I couldn’t even imagine that my look with Birkenstocks would raise such an enormous hailstorm of misunderstanding and “fashion” criticism!) It is not surprising though, because any bright fashion trend should live at least for a couple of seasons before it will be accepted by the public. My Look of the day. I found a new way to wear my Birkenstocks, it is my long jacket by @betrendywear. They make a good couple together) Very often society gives bright trends a hostile reception...
07 August 2013 Fisti Style
17 способов носить вязаную шапку летом
The summer in Moscow isn’t that kind to us with the weather this year, but that is no reason to refuse yourself of some bright accessories and a positive mood. A knitted hat can perfectly fit in the summer season. You can wear it not only with raincoats, jackets and fur, but with a smart suit too. Bright colours will surely make your day! Streetlooks