09 August 2014 Archive
Shopping with my lovely clients was one of the most important tasks during our trip to Paris. As wise people say: “start winterizing in the summer” or you won’t be able to find clothes of your size when the season comes!)) Beside useful and beautiful (or, rather, socially accepted(!)) clothes I found a lot of surprisingly “humorous” designs. Such fashion is approved only by few people. Unfortunately, most people who really like these cute things will not dare to put them on: (( Of course, I am...
21 October 2013 Archive
Marc by Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2014 look book
Maybe we wouldn't even recognize this look book if it wasn't presented by Marc By Marc Jacobs brand. 90s are coming back which was noticed by the tendecies during the last New York fashion week. Marc by Marc Jacobs presented a look book spring-summer collection 2014, which looks like it was filmed on a phone or snpshot camera  
21 October 2013 Archive
Кампания ​Bigotti Fall/Winter 2013
Photo shoot for Bigotti Fall/Winter 2013 ad campaign Photographer Tibi Clenci Stylist Ovidiu Buta Models: Marco Castelli, Matteo Scalvini, Thibault Theodore и Stefano Sala 
06 July 2013 Archive
Мужская коллекция Kenzo, весна 2014
Humberto Leon and Carol Lim for several seasons were getting used to the Kenzo maison, were literally getting inspired by the house, by its founder, or to be exact by his jungle collection in the Jungle Jap style that filled the streets with T-shirts with tiger nebs. When the time for the next collection has come, the show of which was supposed to take place in one of the Parisian suburb church schools, everyone expected another wave of animal clothes. But Leon announced that he and Carol...
06 July 2013 Archive
​Мужская коллекция Hermès весна 2014
Véronique Nichanian celebrated her 25 years of working in Hermès with a fashion show after which there was a party thrown in her honour. Modest Nichanian was absolutely amazed by such attention. It is hard to believe but it is thanks to her tranquillity Hermès had become something big and fashionable. Have you ever imagined that Hermès would be presenting a collection of T-shirts with a slot-like collar. Or that the dominating print would be aristocratic and elegant (speaking of...
06 July 2013 Archive
Мужская коллекция Miharayasuhiro весна 2014
Sukumo is the natural colour of indigo. The process of extracting the colour has been known for 6 centuries already, it takes almost a year. And it is practiced legally in Japan by only six people. Designer of Miharayasuhiro uses this colour willingly. For their last collection Mihara created denim blazers of sukumo colour. They will be incredibly expensive, but who cares. People are much more intetersted in the creativity and the talent with which the designer creates his clothes....
06 July 2013 Archive
​Мужская коллекция Paul Smith весна 2014 Menswear
The centre of attention of the spring collection of Paul Smith has become bright mushroom prints in the middle or all over a T-shirt. Collection is mostly made of cotton or far isle shirts. Mushroom topic? Funny, just in the Smith style. This time Smith payed attention to combining two styles - sport and business. He experimented on whether these two can live together and how every piece would look seperately. Overlaping the skateboarding and snowboarding topic on light wool fabric of high...
06 July 2013 Archive
Мужская коллекция Lanvin. Весна 2014
Only recently Alber Elbaz went for a holiday with friends who always took a picture of everything that came across during the day. He wasn't the only one who was surprised by the difference of what it's like to look at art and to actually see it, but he is one of the few of parisian designers who could create this difference in material. We're talking about the menswer collection of Elbaz for Lanvin. Before, designers would go to Africa for inspiration, but now they just google. "In this season...
26 June 2013 Archive
Кампания ​BOSS Orange осень / зима 2013
BOSS Orange fall/winter 2013 ad campaign photographer Lachlan Bailey models: Benjamin Eidem & Nadja Bender.  
21 June 2013 Archive
Louis Vuitton весна / лето 2014
Louis Vuitton presented a contemporary cassic for men in their spring-summer collection 2014.