RunwayDay project has a wide range of advertising potentials.

1. Instagram advertising
2. Contests, interactivity
3. Information support
4. Reviews
5. Interviews
6. Test-drives for cosmetic products
7. Business projects
8. Banner ads
9. Advertising on
10. Advertising on
Instagram advertising:
Yana Fisti @yanafisti
info: Media kit Yana Fisti (Eng)

Evgeny Fist @evgenyfist
info: Media kit Evgeny Fist (Eng)

- Out of respect for our followers we do not cooperate with brands whose reputation is ambiguous.
- On our accounts we do not advertise: fake items, poor quality goods, medical supplies, unverified beauty treatments and products and any subject that does not correlate with our content.
- We do not deceive our readers; you will not find ads such as “I bought this beautiful dress in my favourite store!” We recommend items that truly appeal to us and that could be useful to our audience, to such posts we as well add helpful advice on personal style. (Publication texts are written in our discretion and are not subject to the approval of the ordering customer, but we surely take into account your request.)
- We do not give any guarantees as the advertising effectiveness firstly depends on your merchandise and account quality. (Readers may notice the brand or make a purchase, but not subscribe to the account, or the opposite.) The difference of advertising effectiveness may significantly vary from brand to brand.
- Any publication is held up for 1 week, after the expiration of this time-limit the publication may be deleted. (The major advertisement effect lasts approximately 2-3 days)
- We do not post borrowed photos. For every post we make a separate photoshoot.
- The cost of every project is individually calculated depending on many factors - seasonality, availability, product type, photoshoot complexity, etc.
Why us?
1) Our project covers your target audience.
Our main readers are women:
Under 25 y.o.  – 32,45%   25-35 y.o. – 54,85%   above 35 y.o. – 12,7%
2) The increase of recognizability of your brand

3) We offer you full cycle services: from creating the content and the marketing strategy to publishing it and interacting with the audience.

4) RunwayDay project is a website whose aim is to satisfy the needs of our readers. Our topics are formed by the requests of our followers.

5) Thanks to our work on the website and Instagram, we have formed a solid and active readership.

6) The flexibility and promptitude of the website will allow you to spread out your advertising campaign in 5 working days.

7) Our project is a visual aid. We present your product (clothing item or accessory) as a total look with comments and advice from a stylist, which will help using it in everyday life.

8) Ongoing dialogue with the readers helps support a new trending product that is being released to the market.

9) We are proud of our work experience with Russian, European and American brands.

10) All our articles, reviews and test-drives are non-biased. If your product has its downsides we may mention them, if we don’t like your product we keep the right to refuse any publication.