Fri, 20/01/2017
Sometimes you look at a man, he wears kind of neat stylish clothes, well-groomed hearcut and then your eyes fall on his shoes .... (And mine are always fall there!) ... "Whaaaat? What the f@ck have happened to your feet? You cannot steal from homeless people! You can’t do that! Remember it! ")) For me, the most important indicator for both women and men, are their feet. They are far away from us - somewhere theeere, below, closer to the planet Earth and easier to get dirty. From the height of our "flight" they are not very noticeable and they last long for the hands to reach.)) According to me, shoes are very talkative element of the wardrobe, because they can say about us literally everything. If a person watches his shoes, then he looks after the rest in his life.

With men it's even easier. We have no choice. 3.5 main visible elements (!) - shoes, watches, fragrance, well, everything else together is a one item.)) I will feel much more confident myself in a set of clothes fot 999 rubles and good pair of shoes than in expensive clothes and some dirty low-boots on my feet.
As I promised, I want to write about my most beloved Italian shoe brand Officine Creative. I first found it a couple years ago. The first thing you pay attention is their form. If I describe my vision of the men's shoes in one word, I would choose the "Shoes of Van Gogh". Simply perfect shape with some kind of vintage character and style.

They will never be missed in the store and they will not merge with hundreds of other models. And if quite often beautiful skin shoes pass the stage of "grinding" on your feet, it is more truly to the grinding stage that the feet pass, then this shoe will sit on the foot! I have 4 pairs of Officine Creative shoes and they have been worn absolutely comfortable from the first day of purchase! They are wide enough for my feet and very soft. You just have to feel it or give it to your husband. He may compare them with his favorite sneakers!)

Officine Creative has some kind of wonder machine with stones, in which the shoes "wear out" and the skin acquires a richer texture and softness.
You can find Officine Creative shoes in the Rendez-Vous shops.
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