Down jacket - new must-have of a season

Thu, 1/12/2016
Those who have been subscribed to me for a long time know that my relations with down jackets are "complicated")). I always don’t like something: their excessive volume, the "caterpillar" cut, the "grandma design".
However, fashion is a tricky thing, and this year the down jacket is the official must have of a season, despite the fact that with its climatic conditions no one has canceled its necessity in principle!)) In general good news - catch a link to my Down jacket ideal at @ellen_dane_rostov
I'm totally into her design! As for the informative part "what to wear with the jacket" you can find below:
1) If are into fashion, then this season combine a down jacket with silhouette clothes - suits, trousers; add rhinestones on sweaters or shoes. The moment of light provocation was not canceled)) The main feature of the trend can be noted that it should be worn on those outfits, on which you would have put on a coat earlier. So when you get ready, and your hands reach for your coat, remember the down jacket! Judging by the podium options it seems to me you definitely will not lose!
2) If we talk about more classic version of looks with down jackets, then beginning with shoes I recommend all kinds of them (timbers, winter versions of slip-ons or sneakers, such as those in my photo etc). In clothes, try knitwear, fur vests inside a down jacket... At least, I would put it on myself, and would suggest to wear this to my customers…))) You can see everything is quite simple and trivial! The only rule for you is (!!!) if your down jacket does not pretend to be sophisticated, then you should not wear it with the same "relaxed" by its nature things. Example: down jacket + knitted suit + uggs+ knitted hat. For the city - it's straight NO. To relax in mountains - as many as you like, but not in town! Any questions?

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