Fold make-up - can you risk it?

Sat, 15/07/2017
Usually, when magazines suggest taking a beauty trend from the shows, they choose the most appropriate and wearable images. But not at this time! We bring to your attention an unusual, catchy and extremely original make-up of the fold.

This type of makeup involves applying shadows to the fold of the eyelid itself or slightly above it. The trend first appeared in the 1960s, and became popular thanks to Audrey Hepburn and Lisa Minelli. After that, it was used by the theater actors, as well as many drag queens, who tried to create accentuated and visually enlarged eyes. Versions from the last fashion shows can be called softer and tender. Such a technique makes the eyes more expressive and helps to create an original, eye-catching image, even if you do not apply mascara. The variant with a thin line creates a more graphic and masculine look, and a wide strip of color emphasizes the iris of the eye.

To create a fashionable image is quite simple, so it can be suitable for beginner make-up artists, besides, such a bright accent should not argue with shadows and eyeliner, so you can forget about applying them this time. The main thing is to choose a shade that suits your eye and skin color. So take colored pencils or eyeliner in your hands and start to create you look and be inspired with our selection!

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