Supreme VS Louis Vuitton collaboration has been sold out

Wed, 12/07/2017
Supreme VS Louis Vuitton collaboration has been sold out.It was launched on June 30th and appeared to be the biggest collaboration of the year. The collection consists from branded trinkets and business cards to jackets and jeans shirts.

It was on sale since late June and today LV confirmed that collection was officially sold. Even H & M can’t name such a successful collaboration. As it often appeares in case of limited collections, they were bought not only by fashionistas and brand lovers, but also by speculators who will try to earn as much money as they can from selling.

After the announcement, the only opportunity to acquire at least some of the pieces of the line is to go to resellers, who razed the prices ten times higher. Originally the cost of a piece of clothes starts from 195 and grow to 50000 euros. The prices of enterprising shoppers are much less humane. For a T-shirt with a logo that was originally about $ 485, you'll have pay $ 2.5 to $ 10,000 on eBay.

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