"My Perfect Night" contest January 22-31

Fri, 22/01/2016
We didn't have any action here for a while now !
So, girls, as a part of my project with Estée Lauder I would like to invite you to participate in our contest! The rules are a little unusual this time.
In my last article on the blog I told you about my routine for the "perfect night" after arriving to a new city. This time I would like you to share your "rituals" that help you get ready for an important event. It would be a great pleasure to read your "recipes"! There will be 4 winners, I'll choose two, and another two will be picked by Estée Lauder.
Authors of the most interesting "recipes" will receive as a gift the #AdvancedNightRepair serum, a sleeping mask, as well as two of my favourite products - a primer for eyelashes and a nude lipstick, about which you've been asking me a lot lately.
Stories are accepted until January 31st. Winners will be announced on February 2nd  on the official page of EsteeLauder on Facebook. Do not forget to put hashtags #FistiEsteeLauderANR and #ANRnight. I look forward to reading your stories!

Yana Fisti for RunwayDay.com 

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