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Wed, 20/01/2016
Over the last year I've completely erased that borderline between work and leisure. If we travel somewhere for work, we think of it as an interesting adventure, even if the schedule is very busy. Same thing happens with the holidays. Whenever we plan to take our swimsuits and nothing else we end up with extra luggage, baggage overweight, photo shoots, meetings and other projects without which we now can't even imagine our vacation.

Recently in Los-Angeles we managed to get ourselves 30 minutes of free time to chill by the pool. So there we were lying on our beach chairs thinking: "Are we really only sunbathing, not shooting anything, this is not a part of some project and this is not work?!" Usually when I fly somewhere for an event, a show, a presentation or a premier, the organizers try to make our schedule so interesting and intensive that extra 10 minutes in the tub or in bed seem like the best spa in the world. And it would all be fine if not for one "but" - daily photo shoots at which I should be looking fresh and rested. That is why my first and most important task in any country and despite our arrival time is to get a good sleep. And today I woud like to tell you about my perfect night routine and to share my experience on how to deal with acclimatization.
This time we went to Florence for an event where popular fashion bloggers, designers, journalists and models from all over the world gather together, it's the Firenze4Ever held by Regardless of the flight duration, the time zone or the climate, an air flight is always tough. You get tired, the body dehydrates, the skin dries up and all you want is to get to the hotel, take a shower, spend your last energy on pulling out those sheets from underneath the mattress and finally fall on the white and cool bed. Those are magical feelings! People shouldn't take this moment for granted. If you actually make that first perfect night happen, you will easily overcome the acclimatization and you'll wake up feeling rested. That’s very important as that is what affects the quality and productivity of your trip, which in our case are some significant photo shoots that may start in the morning of the following day.

So my night routine looks as following:
While unpacking I start filling up the tub with hot water. Hot treatment sessions make the first and most important point as that helps my body and mind relax. I'm not sure what the magic is, but after a hot bath my brain is free of unnecessary thoughts, worries and my body sort of reloads itself. The feelings are similar to the after sauna effect. It is also important to remember about the "after water" skin treatment. There are very few places in the world where I don't feel any dryness of my skin after taking a shower, so I can't really do without the help of some products. For a couple of months now I've been using the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex by Estée Lauder. The distinguishing characteristic of serums in general is that they have a higher concentration of components than in emulsions, creams and masks. 1-2 drops are enough for the face and neck area. You can also apply your moisturizer (of a thicker density) after the serum, for a better product absorption. Since our sleep is the time when the body repairs itself, it would be unwise not to use the opportunity.

Before choosing any products for myself I always consult my cosmetician. Only after her approval the item can be placed on my shelf. The Night Repair product has been on the market for more than 30 years and its formula has been constantly developing and improving. Personally, I'm a great fan of all the modern products that use technology and innovations for their purposes (for example, Estée Lauder has 25 patents all over the world), because, to my mind, the world has stepped far ahead recipes such as "mix a spoon of honey with something else eatable in your kitchen". Besides, I don't think those homemade masks are even that effective, and, to be honest, least of all I want to cut myself some cucumbers when travelling. Actually, there's a reason I mentioned the word "innovations" as Estée Lauder has quite succeeded in examining the catabolism process in our skin cells.

The variety of serums on the market is endless, everyone can find a product to fit her taste, or better to say, her skin type. Often marketing experts in their own interest play around with the terms "day" and "night" claiming that the skin needs different components during day and night. That is not quite right, because the skin needs useful substances 24/7. The main difference is that some ingredients make the skin more vulnerable to the sun, they may result dermal irritation and some skin damage, so they are used only in products with a "nighttime" tag. Here are some of the anti-solar substances:
- alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) - such as glycolic acid or lactic acid
- Benzoyl peroxide  - used in the treatment of acne
- Beta-hydroxyacids (BHA) - for example, salicylic acid
- Hydroquinone - used for skin whitening
- Retinol (B5) - a popular ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics
- Some natural ingredients (citrus, peppermint, lavender oils and others)

Since I'm here debunking some myths, I should probably mention the collagen, which is now so fashionable to talk and write about. The bottom line is that in "collagen" creams and masks the collagen molecule is so huge for the space between the skin cells, that it remains on the surface of the skin, creating a feeling of smoothness and elasticity - a false lifting, so to say, that lasts until the first wash. Although many like this effect, it's quite a useless thing in cosmetics in this form.

I must also tell you that when choosing any cosmetic products, and especially the treatment ones, you should always keep in mind your skin type and your own preferences. Another advantage of the Advanced Night Repair, that has by the way even pleased my husband, who is quite hard to be persuaded to use something new - this serum instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving no trace of stickiness or greasiness.

Another little point of my "first perfect night while travelling" routine is a cup of ​​Siberian herbals tea. It's like a piece of my motherland that is always with me. The hot tea after bath helps me relax even more and it contributes to my sound sleep.

Actually, any routine composed with the consideration of all the individual features can positively affect the outer looks and the inner emotional state. So, summing up, I advise everyone to work out your own "perfect night" which would tune you in for a great and productive day mode.

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