How to hide dark circles under eyes

Wed, 20/08/2014
Who is panda today? Definitely me)) The most common problem after sleepless nights is dark shade areas under the eyes. Today we will learn how to mask them... To begin with, forget the rule of all the scampish make-up artists to apply corrector or concealer a tint lighter than the color of your skin, because (as they say) it will conceal the bluish areas under your eyes. This is 100% rubbish. Whitening of these areas will only make the pink color of the bruise brighter, as a result you will get a good fresh pink bruise. I’d recommend to apply tone base under your eyes, and then apply corrector the tint of your skin color. My favorite one is Pro Long wear by MAC. Violet-blue tints are opposed to yellow one in coloristics. That’s why forget about biscuit (pink) tints while choosing the corrector’s tint, choose sandy-yellow tints instead. Apply the corrector slightly tapping with a finger, and don’t stretch the skin (!). Then comes a little bit of powder (the principle of tint choosing is the same). If the bruise is still visible, try to apply a thin layer of yellow powder a tint lighter than the color of your skin. I guarantee - the bruise will disappear! And a few words in conclusion: do not mix up this problem with others like bags under the eyes, wrinkles or “dry” skin. These are totally different problems.

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