Test Drive for Estee Lauder products

Mon, 8/09/2014
Today I wanted to tell you about my recent “test-drive” of cosmetics by Estee Lauder.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum by Estee Lauder

I will start my story with this repairing complex for skin around eyes. This product has quite a light texture, it absorbs well and quick, and it doesn’t create the feeling of oily skin. You will get moisturized and softened skin within 30 seconds. I don’t have deep wrinkles, but I do have dark areas under my eyes )) this peculiarity has been haunting me since my childhood! )) I can’t say that this Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum erased this “colorful” problem of mine after 5 days of use, but my skin is refreshed even before the make-up applying!
My verdict is as follows: if you don’t have your favorite product for taking care of skin under your eyes (you will need this product anyway!), then you should definitely try Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. You will like this feeling of comfort! But I can’t say anything about its “magical properties”. Maybe they will reveal themselves later, if ever)! Wonders happen, but very rarely.

Double Wear Brush-on Glow BB Highlighter by Estee Lauder

This new concealer has a very pleasant and light texture, but it contains a lot of pigment at the same time. Due to this pigment the product can “cure” some minor color skin problems. Under minor problems we understand not bright ones, light-pink capillaries, for example. But you won’t be able to hide dark areas under your eyes. But if you are not planning to do so, Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum will perfectly refresh the skin under your eyes. Its light texture will perfectly deal with ageing skin. This product will not accumulate between wrinkles. Moreover it contains a reflecting pigment, and I should admit this will be an ideal, delicate example of light reflection making your skin “shine” from within. Products with such qualities are ideal for those who don’t have major problems with skin texture (widened pores, for example). I recommend my clients to lighten with this product zones, where wrinkles begin to appear, for example it can be the nasolabial fold or folds near lip corners. Due to this reflecting quality hollow relief will be visually smoothened and your face will look younger. 

Pure Color Envy by Estee Lauder

This lip stick of the 210 IMPULSIVE hue has a neutral aroma and quite a pigmented and nourishing texture. You won’t need to additionally nourish your lips with lip gloss after you applied this product. Durability of this lip stick is zero, density is high, but you can apply it on lips with the help of your fingers. I like dry lipsticks, that’s why I definitely do not like oily feeling on my lips. By the way)) I also do not use lip glosses). If you don’t like “dry” lips, on the contrary, I think you will like this lipstick. The 210 IMPULSIVE hue is a beautiful version of an ideal “pink” lipstick, its coluor is cold and moderate enough. Such combination is quite rare. I'm wearing this lipstick on my selfie.

Yana Fisti for RunwayDay.com 

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