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Sun, 31/05/2015
For a while now I've been wanting to share with you my favourite beauty products that are always with me, home and on trips.  

1) The first 6 products on the left are my face skin care products by UtraCeuticals. The price is very high, but the effect is also fantastic! I have been using it for a month, the result was seen after 2 weeks. My super-mega-cosmetologist advised it to me, if anyone needs her contact, I am ready to give it. This "ultra" product has everything useful in it, a serum for ideal face skin color, balancing spray, gel for face cleaning, moisturizer for my dry skin and cream for around eyes area. I buy it in the salon where I usually have my beauty procedures. Do not use it without consulting a professional.
2) Next tubes are for my teeth, mine are perfect from nature, but after I moved to Moscow enamel thinned. So I visit my tooth fairy more often now. I chose Theodent because it stimulates natural enamel thickening. I didn't save enough money for Theident 300 yet)) but it is still in plans! It is more expensive because it contains 300 times more of theobromine. Teeth must be steel strong after it. Next - my professional cream for teeth) GCToothMouse is the same story, it restores teeth enamel. I buy this product at my favorite dentist clinic @vikarkraftway.
3) Lip balm EOS, many of you may already know about it. My favorite is mint one.
4) Creamy deodorant Vichy "7 days protection". I advise it for those, who are overprotective. I would not like to meet a person who actually tried it for 7 days. 

1) MegaNFC - my "nano" purifying powders, as I want to be always young. These ones are used in detox-clinic Sha. I have been drinking it for one week, minus one kilo, I feel great.
2) Vitamins #Inneov to avoid hair loss and boost its growth. Usually I feel sick because of vitamins, but these are perfect! I began to lose hair three years ago, but everything went good after Inneov+vitamin E+Selen active. Now I just want to prevent the situation.
3) Bronzer mousse for legs by #MAC. I wrote about it not so long ago. I buy a lot of it. Must have for summer!
4) Shampoo for sensitive head skin by #Keune. Those who know about the problem, will understand! Keune rules. I also have their hair masque at home which is very cool!
5)  My favorite hair oil by H.air Spa with a fantastic smell! I use it to set my dry and wet hair. Buy it in the Internet.
6) And finally my favorite one! Find it on I thought that nothing can beat TangleTeezer for its ability to untangle thin hair, but this turned out to be possible! My new Japanese friend Majestic brushes my tangled hair with no effort! It manages a heap of hair covered with lacquer after two days of photoshot in a minute! I didn't quite believe it was possible... But I should say that it is so soft as a brush for children's hair. I never stop using it now. That is all for now!) I will talk about decorative cosmetics later, as this is a totally different story.

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