Test Drive of Little Black Primer by Estee Lauder

Tue, 18/08/2015
One can only envy the variety of black colour - jingling jazz dresses of the 20s, ebroided with layers of beads and fringe; the elegant little black dress; nonconformic rebel and freedom-loving black of punk and rock epoch; imudent and revolutionary black in the face of women tuxedos; simple and elegant black dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". And ofcourse the deliberately careless black that goes with the grange style.

There are several black clothing items that every girl should have in her wardrobe:

- Turtleneck. A very practicle piece that may come in hand when there's only minutes to get ready and as usual there's nothing to wear. When buying one avoid having it too tight on you

- Leather leggings. They perfectly fit any wardrobe of an active life style. Wear it with ballerinas and rough boots. Balance out the look by free cothes of length to the middle of your thigh.

- Pencil-dress a littlle under your knee. This piece can be used for day and night playing around with accessories and make-up.

- Black pointy ballerina shoes without any trims. Simple, elegant and comfy. Must have for everyday basis

- Black women trouser suit. In the day you can wear it to work, in the evening it can substitute a tuxedo.

I created several looks just to demonstrate how different can black be depending on what you match it with. 
In each of those looks I've used a new product by Estée Lauder  - mascara base Little Black Primer. This product is also a must-have among black, just like all the mentioned above. It is so practical that you can compare it to the little black dress for eye lashes that can come to help in different life situtions.

Thanks to its triple effect the primer prepares eye lashes for mascara, it works as a waterproof top coat and its light pigments make the lashes more expressive. This "little black dress" for lashes has a unique and trustful formula for all life occaions and it will become an irreplaceable remedy inn every woman's beauty case. 

You can use the Little Black Primer in three ways:
1) Seperately, to give more colours to the lashes
2) As a primer under mascara to bring more volume to lashes
3) As a top coat to prevent smudging and disperse of mascara as well as a waterproof cover.

Look 1
The first look where I used the Little Black Primer as a seperate product was created in the business casual style. In Russia this style is only gaining its popularity, taking place of classic dress-code. As a stylist I am very glad about that as too strict rules and limitations bring to zero individality and personal style. In my make-up I had only one highlight - red lips. The primer perfecty fit in, slightly marking lashes and colouring it to a light black. It turned out very natural. Exact lines, colour and a sharp hairdo will freshen the look at the same time staying within the frame of business style.

Look 2
Eclecticism - my favourite style course. In this look harmonically match a black dress with feathers, a vest in military style and an animal print as in safari. Turned out to be a bright and an unusual look that you can wear to the cinema, to a gallery, presentaion or any unformal event.

In this case primer was used as a base for mascara. A litte recommendation - after using the primer fix your lashes with tweezers. That way you will get curvy and fluffy lashes that you can coat with amscara to give them more volume. A positive side of the primer is that it doesn't stain and doesn't stick to tweezers, like mascara does. Thanks to the primer lashes are totally prepared for the following actions, which is why the curve will stay longer than without using it.

Look 3
Third look is a cocktail occasion. Every woman should have a black pencil dress. It will perfectly suit an important event, a family dinner and a party or a romantic date. I used the Little Back Primer in this case as a top coat. It did a great job fixing the mascara. Although be careful not overdoing it with the third coat. After the first two lashes become dimensional, which is why for the next use it is enough of one stroke to avoid sticking of lashes.

As a conclusion to my look I would like to give a couple of recommenations:
1. Black colour is a base of your wardrobe, it will match perfectly with bright and ripe colours as well as toned down ones.
2. If you have decided to create an only black look the use different textures. For example, with smooth satin dress you can wear velvet or suede heels. Or you can have  a knitted cardigan over a silky top, that would look better that just a textile jacket. That way a one colour look seems a lot more interesting.
3. Blacks are actually all different. When buying something in a store pay attention to the deepness of colour. Avoid bleached colours, the only exception is worn out jeans. 
4. Black manicure only looks good on short nails.

You can purchase the Little Black Primer at  Иль Дэ Ботэ
Yana Fisti for RunwayDay.com 

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