Wed, 6/08/2014
Very often in my profession I hear phrases like “this is only for youngsters”, “I can’t afford wearing such things at my age” etc. Note, that these phrases come from women slightly after thirties… But nowadays fashion has no age. If you are a confident person and you are fit, there is no reason for labeling clothes “for 20”, “for 30”, “for 40” etc. Of course, I am not talking about tops with Mickey Mouse print made of doubtful fabric, which I would not even recommend for children!) I am talking about your fashion phobias) So, come on, tell me what you can’t afford yourself to wear!))


Here is my “top with Mickey Mouse” )) but it is of a good quality) I have an advice for those who like such things but don’t know how to wear them. Try to match your “funny” items with more simple ones of a laconic cut without any dressing-off and accessories. Let’s say other clothes should be “adult’-like” and of an “adult length”).

Yana Fisti for 

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