Mon, 11/08/2014
My #lookoftheday. As you can see sequins can be worn at daytime)) In 7 years of my stylist career I haven’t met any texture which could not be played with and could not be elegantly “promenaded”)) If you decide to “shine”, just remember that a lot of glitter at daytime is too much. One glittering detail or accessory in your look will be enough. The rest of the look items should be simple and without flashy accessories and of delicate colors. Remember this and you will be a queen! #fistirecommends#yanafisti #streetstyle #streetfashion #hm #zara #sergiorossi #paris


I bought new cuties on a small heel. By the way, such shoes are not only incredibly comfortable, but they also match perfectly with any look! They will be a marvelous alternative for everyday wear for those girls who prefer beauty combined with comfort. And what kind of shoes do you wear every day?

Yana Fisti for 

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