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On the 18th of November we happened to be in Hollywood for one of the most intriguing events in our lives, but it all started very usual.
We are often invited to different events, interesting and and not so much, strange and sometimes funny, so we are a little doubtful about every other invitation. This one was from Hollywood from Remi Martin of LOUIS XIII brand to an event where everything about it is “top secret”. Only three people are representing Russia – us and editor-in-chief Nikolay Uskov.

Of course that is very flattering for us, because an invitation of such kind from a two-century history brand is success on its own, especially that we’re bloggers and not editors of a magazine.

I feel quite a heavy load of responsibility writing this. It could’ve been a professional who would publish something without mistakes and misspells, but at least I can write anything I want and not get fired for that.
All the info we got from the event managers was like 48 pieces of a puzzle of clear blue sky. We found out that John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez are presenting a project which nobody can talk about until it starts and that there are lots of celebrities invited and that it will definitely be interesting.

John Malkovich “100 years”, You’re never going to see it.

For a week we were in a “time out” mode, our thoughts were something like this: LOUIS XIII – Hollywood – Nikolay Uskov – Malkovich and Rodriguez! Three people from Russia and that is us. We don’t even know what to expect there. There’s gotta be a trick here.
 Along with that we couldn’t decide on where and how to celebate Yana’s Birthday. In the end we did the right thing by combining the birthday and the trip. It turned out very romantic: Hollywood, Beverly Whilshire Hotel where Yana’s favourite movie “Pretty Woman” was filmed and I got us tickets to the opera without actually knowing that Richard Gere also invited Julia Roberts to the opera. Anyway, the event itself.
 I don’t drink alcohol for many years now for a number of reasons and if anyone follows my example I will only be glad. Nevertheless LOUIS XIII is considered to be the king of all cognacs with an average price of $3500 per  bottle, so I’m not worried that after reading this teenagers might rush to try it. It’s a drink for grown up connoisseurs who already know what that is.


I really got interested by the history of the brand, it makes you think about life how peculiar it could be and sad at the same time. One bottle of Louis XIII has 100 years inside and in fact four generations work on creating one decanter of it.
The creator of the drink we have today couldn’t imagine what it would taste like and surely what the world would be like, and on how you would be reading this article. Cognac Louis XIII that is sold today went through many wars, victories and defeats, fashion changed, architecture, technology, the climate, our values and people themselves.
On the 18th of November Louis XIII presented one of the most outstanding cinema projects called “100 years” #NotComingSoon, which was filmed by Robert Rodriguez to the screenplay written by John Malkovich, who had the leading role along with the actress Shuya Chang.

On the photo: actress Shuya Chang
The movie is a fantasy of what the world will be like in a 100 years. It’s a piece of art that examines the possible scenarios for our future and it calls us to think about certain things – says Ludovic du Plessis, global executive director of Louis XIII.

On the photo: Robert Rodriguez, John Malkovich, unfamiliar interviewer to me and Ludovic du Plessis

The intrigue of the event is that the guests were put in place of the creators of Louis XIII, who will not see the result of their work just like whoever in this world today will not see the movie.
The official review of the trailer “100 years” took place on the 18th of November 2015 in Golstein Mansion in Los Angeles. We were only shown a two-minute teaser that does not in any way describe the movie. After that the movie was locked in a safe that only had to dates: November 18, 2015 and November 18, 2115. Before that the safe cannot be opened with a key or a code or even David Blain. That’s the story!
Hopefully the time machine will be invented faster than that and I will definitely tell you what the movie was about.

The trailer:

On the website www.louisxiii-cognac.com they started a countdown to opening the safe.

Perhaps you want to know what I think of the trailer? I filmed it on my phone and watched it for 5 times already before it was posted to YouTube. It includes three scenarios for the future:
First is where Planet Earth is defeated by nature and the pieces of skyscrapers are overgrown by plants.

Second is an extremely developed civilization from the most brave movies, after which the Times Square looks like a camping site.

Third is a retro-scenario that Earth will be invaded by aliens and humans will have to hide from them to survive.

I wouldn’t want to predict our future in 2115, but hopefully it will be a technological progress with the consideration of nature and ecology.

On the photo: Evgeny Fist 

We thought it was hard to impress us at an event, but Louis XIII did it all. The Premier took place at James Goldstein’s villa “Goldstein Mansion” with a beautiful view of Beverly Hills. The mansion itself is probably one of the most famous in Los Angeles as it has numerously been filmed for movies and music videos. You can hardly find a Hollywood star that hasn’t been here.


A very weird feeling when you’re surrounded by people who you’ve seen on the big screen since childhood. A meter away is Leonardo Di Caprio, the other way is Ed Westwick and James Goldstein and many more.

On the photo: John Malkovich, Yana Fisti, Robert Rodriguez

On the photo: Yana Fisti and Ed Westwick 

On the photo: Yana Fisti , James Goldstein

On the photo: Evgeny Fist, Thierry Guetta mr. Brainwash

After the premier 999 people and us received the most unusual present in our lives – tickets to the cinema on November 19, 2115. All tickets are made out of thin metal plaques.

On the photo: Invitations to the movie premier of John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez "100 years" 

This present is worth calling a family trophy which we will hand over to our children and they will hand it to theirs. Most probably it will be our grandchildren that will see it, but we will never find that out.
You never know though, maybe next year they will invent an immortality potion that will be sold everywhere in supermarkets.
Of course we can suppose that no film was ever created and that it was a “Being John Malkovich” movie placed inside the safe.
Whatever it is, a great PR event that should be now written in marketing textbooks for another 100 years at least.
P.S. Do not forget that alcohol despite its price, taste and history is harmful for your health.

Evgeny Fist for RunwayDay.com 

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