MAN CARE LINE: Men Choose with their Noses

Wed, 21/10/2015
Do you know what is common between amphoteric surfactants and anionic detergents? First of all, none of them will gorge you at night, arrange Star wars or even transmit sexually, because these both substances are shampoo components. But I’m not going to talk about them. Recently I’ve conducted a survey on WhatsApp, asking people how they choose shampoos and what influences them when buying one? All girls answered: quality, brand, and the hair type match. Men agreed on smell, package design and only then came the brand. None of the girls mentioned the smell and none of men mentioned hair type, healing or restoring abilities. This got me thinking, that’s what I call truth! Since childhood I would smell my shampoo first before buying one. And now when I see a tag “For stronger hair” written on a tube, “even better” I think to myself. “For curly hair” – perfect, “split ends” – don’t even know what it is, but I love it. Sometimes I take shower twice a day because I love how it feels when your hair is still wet and it smells good. Feels like your brain is breathing and you’re connecting with the space – amazing.  


I changed several types of shampoos recently. They’re all okay, but somehow I found something was missing, so I would use more than needed to have it finished sooner. Hair spray? Never had one in my life. And every time I had a haircut in Aesthetica beauty salon, I would tell my stylist Sergey that the shampoo smelled perfect. I wish I could have one for New Year! So I begged for it several times until my pleadings have finally reached KEUNE!
Halleluiah! Men’s series at last. Black tube. Smells great! And a weird dropper with magical potion. I even use it, because it also smells divine!
So I advise these to you! But I am not good at discussing the contents or qualities of the product, because I simply can’t tell the difference. I judge by feelings, which are either pleasant or not.

I like the way KEUNE POWER FIX MAGNIFY hair spray is applied and how it fixes my hair, let alone it smells good and you don’t want to jump out of the cloud of it after you’ve sprayed some.
Shampoos are all the same, unless we compare them to the cheapest ones on the market. Great smell and clean hair. But I definitely like the KEUNE FORTIFY shampoo’s cooling effect as it contains menthol. Somehow they’ve even managed to stuff rhinestone inside. Now we have crystal not only on our chandelier.
A few words about FORTIFY LOTION ANTI-HAIRLOSS CARE MAN lotion. I know that the problem of hair loss occurs many men, so if it does really work, I am ready to apply it 10 times a day! For now, I’m continuing to use it, time will show.
And how do you choose hair care products?
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