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As you know, while collecting money on a trip I always try to select the looks that correspond the country of destination and the purpose of stay. I think that, firstly, it's more beautiful... In fact, well-chosen clothes will look good on the photos and you will be more pleased and interested in the way to imbibe someone else's culture.
So nowadays I'm going to Dubai. It is obvious that the weather will be really hot, but the local traditions do not allow to show much of a body. What do I have to do? Me and my husband are planning to take an active journey including camel riding, when the sun is shining from above and the locals keep their eyes on you.
Since Dubai is quite a popular recreation city among our fellow citizens, I decided to share my decision and outfits, which be worn conveniently throughout the day, and most importantly, very stylish.
Яна Фисти. Что взять в Дубай. Луки для дубая. Стиль Сафари
Midi skirt is very useful. It, on the one hand, is absolutely not too hot to wear, but, on the other hand, it is in a suitable length. I added a light shirt to it.
The style of the safari itself comes from the times of colonization, when Europeans developed new territories in Africa, therefore, first of all, it deals the requirements of comfort. It is characterized with wide belts, pockets, lacing, large buttons, practical fabrics of natural shades. Clothing, as a rule, is mended in free cut, which will not constrain your movements. The sleeve either can be short or go down the elbow.

Яна Фисти. Что взять в Дубай. Луки для дубая. Стиль Сафари
In safari style looks animal prints simulating zebra, leopard or snake are very popular, also it contains a wide range of natural shades: from beige and brown to green and khaki, although now designers are increasingly using bright accents, for example, in the form of a red scarf.
You should also wear headgear. It can be a hat with small fields, panama, and especially stylishly tied headband and scarf - that adds femininity to the look.
The safari style has long gone beyond purely African expeditions. Today, such images can be adapted for everyday life and even being used as an evening outfit.
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